Alexandra Iovu

“I love to sing and dance, and doing these things makes me feel proud of myself. I’m very excited to go to the singing class with my friends every week, and to perform on stage with them. I love practicing all my songs, because I love being part of Nathalie’s choir.” 

Emma Rusu

The big little stars

“I came to Rainbow Children’s Club because I like singing and making new friends. Nathalie is a fun teacher and she taught me how to use my voice.” 

Alisia Stoian

“Hi. I am a very talkative, energetic and happy little girl aged seven who likes singing and dancing. With Rainbow Children’s Club, I got to live my dream to sing on stage in front of a big audience.” ​ 

Isabela Cireașă

Emma Ionescu

Ileana Ortoiu

“My name is Anastasia and I love to sing. Singing is the first thing I do in the morning, I sing all day, I even go to bed with a  song in my head… and I often sing in my dreams too.” 

Anastasia Gal

“Hi, I am Miruna and I love to sing. My favourite day is Wednesday when I meet my friends at Rainbow Children’s Club where we have lots of fun singing and dancing.” 

Miruna Unci

“I love it here at Rainbow Children's Club because I like my teacher and singing with my friends.”

Maia Chiriac

Andrea Badea

Bogdan Nechita

“My name is Diana and I am seven years old. I like to sing and perform on stage. Thank you to my favourite teacher Nathalie for making my dream come true.”

Diana Ignat

“The best part of being part of Rainbow canto was being on stage for so many shows. At Rainbow’s drama class, my favourite moments are when we play games. I also enjoy to practise my loud voice when rehearsing.”

Lara Capan

Toni Ortoiu

Mark Kania

Former Students

Laura Jacques

Hannah Tandea

Rebecca Dinescu

Cassina Gheorghiu

“My name is Luca, I like playing soccer, and enjoy singing and dancing with my Rainbow Children's Club friends.
Thank you, Nathalie, for everything you do for us!”

Luca Suba

"I have the best time in the world when I sing and dance. I love being on stage. I also like gymnastics, swimming and spending time with my family and friends. Rainbow Children's Club is part of my family now.

Nathalie, I love you!"

​Arianna Vizitiu

Sarah Tandea

"The moment I saw the Rainbow Children's Club choir, I wanted to be part of it because I love to sing. Some songs I knew beforehand from the CD 'Jucării'. And so my musical journey began with concerts and lots of fun... and now it continues with Solar Stage drama performances!

Thank you, Nathalie and Sophia!" DeAnna Danu

"I'm happy when I sing and dance!"

Chantal Codreanu

"Singing is my passion, my first love and the secret of my energy. Singing takes me back to special memories and gives me new dreams!"

Anaïs Codreanu

“I have been with Rainbow since I was 3 and enjoy it a lot. I have friends there and we have lots of fun playing musical games and learning new songs.

​But the most amazing are the concerts. I loooove them!”

Sarah Zorzoman

“Hi, My name is Emily and I like to sing together with other kids, in Romanian and in English. Thank you Nathalie!”

Emily Neagoe

“My name is Ștefan and I like to draw, I like pottery, swimming, and reading about animals. I love watching whales and dolphins off the Virginia Beach coast.”

Ștefan Grigorescu 

Our Students

Isabella Fonseca