Nora has been an early childhood music educator (piano, voice, musical theory, movement) for over 10 years working with students ranging in age from babies to teens. Through her teaching methods, she strives to capture and nurture a child’s desire for language, the body’s urge to move, the brain’s attention to pattern and the voice’s response to sounds. Nora is a voice graduate from the Royal Conservatory of Music’s Performance Diploma Program, a recipient of two voice scholarships from the Contemporary Showcase in Toronto, third prize winner at the National Music Competition and a guest performer on the Romanian national show “Young Talents”.

Adelina has 6 years of guitar-playing experience and has been a folk guitar instructor at Rainbow Children's Club for a year, a great experience full of insightful lessons, and of course, some laughs and fun times. It makes her proud to say that the group has grown together as a unit, learning new songs as well as new singing and guitar playing skills. It is her huge privilege to work with children who are eager to learn music, constantly get better at it, and perform it when opportunities arise to showcase their talents.

Ninel began playing guitar at the age of 15, discovering folk music along with his childhood friends. He sang and composed for the folk group Modus Vivendi, awarded at numerous national festivals. Modus Vivendi's music has been broadcast on national radio stations in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. With his experience gained over the years, Ninel wants to teach and sing the folk music for children and adolescents, music that is still enchanting people with great sounds and stylish interpretations, and Rainbow Children Club is the perfect place where Ninel is happy to do just that.

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Nathalie has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree in Acting and has been teaching children how to love and express themselves through music and musical plays for over 20 years, by using vocal techniques based on play, by composing, writing, singing and producing kids' music with a relentless passion. In her delightful classes, kids learn music and drama while having fun.

The Team

​​Founded in 2011 by singer-songwriter/mentor/educator Nathalie Gheorghiu, and co-ordinated with Nora SatmareanSophia Tsouluhas, Adelina Buburuzan and Ninel Berneaga, Rainbow Children's Club is an ensemble of stage performer kids aged 4 to 17 whose hand-picked repertoire and wonderful renditions have turned the group into true little stars and a favourite entertainment choice for select Greater Toronto events like Toronto Christmas Market, Carassauga Festival and more! ​​​​​

                                                                   Meet our educators: 

Sophia is a trained actor, director, drama therapist and secondary teacher, and has been working with children for over 25 years. Sophia strongly believes in the healing power of drama, using theatre techniques in the classroom as a means to help young people gain self awareness, confidence and personal growth, promote empathy, help foster creativity and imagination, work well with others and most importantly, have fun!